evoo health benefits

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the necessary constituents of the Mediterranean diet. So far there are three large multi-center studies from Greece and Spain that prove that the above diet decreases the Cardiovascular diseases and strokes. The above characteristics of that diet, probably provide people around the mediterranean sea with health and longevity.

Extra virgin live oil contains more than 200 microconstituents as well as trace elements that make its use very important in the every day diet. It contains vitamins A,E,D,K. Additionally, it contains minerals: Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Copper, Sodium, Selenium and Zinc. The tocopherols and vitamin E that it contains decrease the appearance of brain atrophy and delay the senility.

Many experts think that the extra virgin olive oil especially the constituent elaic acid has anticancer qualities and probably is responsible for the low rates of breast cancer in Greek women. The elaic and linoleic acids of the extra virgin olive oil probably increases the HDL-cholisterol and decreases the LDL-cholesterol and thus contributes to the low appearance of the heart diseases. Additionally, extra virgin olive oil (especially ultra premium) contains a lot of polyphenols which gives the characteristic aromatic and pungent taste.

The linoleic acid also decreases the skin diseases. The constituent Oleocanthal, which gives the supreme pungent taste of the "koroneiki" variety of extra virgin olive oil contains very powerful anti-inflammatory activity. That anti-inflammatory activity probably prevents the appearance of Rheumatic diseases as well as bronchial asthma.

Finally, the constituent Oleacein has very powerful antioxidant activity.

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