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Olive oil has been used for generations as a food supplement or even as a well-kept beauty secret. However, most of its versatility remains unknown to the sheer majority of us… Olive oil is rich in vitamins, E, A, minerals, antioxidants, and fatty acids... which to say the least, are good for rejuvenating and protecting your body from the inside and out. When using a high-quality extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO), the elixir can be purchased for a small price for otherwise priceless benefits…

Clever Cleanser

Olive oil counterintuitively makes the best makeup remover, as it latches on to other products on the skin; follow by washing with warm water and your usually face cleanser.

Not only for makeup on the face, olive oil can be used to clean makeup brushes. Mix with antibacterial soap; to create a cleansing mixture, add brushes too soak, then dry.

For people with excess ear-wax, using a dropper, place a couple drops of olive oil in your ears before sleeping, for 3 days to a week, and see the results for yourself!Olive oil baths, used by the likes of Sophia Loren, can be achieved by adding 5 tablespoons of EVOO into your bath.. the result? Brilliantly smooth skin. Olive oil is even said to have anti-aging effects on the skin.



Beautiful Balm

Use olive oil as a balm; lather onto area before shaving, so as to provide a protective layer to the skin, shielding it from the blade, while removing the hair for flawless results.

Olive oil is added to many antibacterial remedies; if you are looking to create your own antibacterial balm, make sure to add some to your mixtures! It shields the skin from germs and scars.


Miraculous Moisturiser

Olive oil can be used as a treatment for any dry-skin areas, including eczema, cuticles, and cracked-heels. Simply rub a small amount into the affected area. For hair and skin, it is even said to help strengthen and lengthen, while locking in moisture.

Not only this, anti-aging products tend to have EVOO as an ingredient. Even better, simply place some olive oil on your fine lines before bed and watch as they slowly smooth.

Next time you purchase your olive oil, remember its versatility and the thus quality and quantity of olive oil you will seek out for effective results for both ingesting and applying!


Happy Hair

The olive oil hair treatment simply requires massaging olive oil into the scalp and leaving for 15 minutes, before washing as normal. This helps the hair become shinier, softer, stronger, and even longer.

Adding olive oil to your salads also helps the hair to pull in more nutrients, starting from the roots, to grow out healthily.


Enjoy your next bottle of allio olive oil!

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