allio olive oil harvest

It is that time of year again, where allio is harvested in Pylo! The whole process of olive oil production is modest yet magical. It reminds us of our ancestors' labours to produce the best quality product for their families to enjoy - how incredible it is to turn small olives into a liquid gold that is healthy and delicious.

However, from grove to bottle, is not all glamour. It takes a lot of research, thought, and getting dirty to produce the best. To be the best, you have to give your best. Read on to find out more...


time of harvest

Harvesting begins in late October - early November, for many reasons; this is when the olives are large enough whilst still remaining young and green to produce the best-tasting olive oil enriched with the most nutrients. If picked too late, they lose their young delicate taste, which is taken over by strong taste, that is only perfect for eating. Moreover, deeper into winter, the olives will be overly-watered, which will also ruin the taste. If picked too early, the olive oil will have a bitter taste of polyphenol. Moreover, the oliveswill not produce much olive oil as they are still small. This is one of the most significant steps in the whole process.



netting the ground

 Nets are placed all over the grounds of the fields for easy-gathering. Olives can be collected easily by picking up the net and carrying it like a sack.

raking the olives

A rake is gently brushed through the olive groves, in order to disconnect olives from the branches. This is done delicately to avoid bruising the olives when falling onto the net.

hand-selecting the olives

before olives are transported, they are selected by hand, to make sure that they are not damaged and are the right shape and colour - if olives do not fit the requirements, they will change the taste and quality of the final product.


transporting the olives

the olives are loads up into a truck and transported to a nearby pressing factory. We use a factory only a few minutes drive from the groves, to keep the freshness of the olives, to produce the best oil.


washing in factory

before anything can be done with the olives, they must be thoroughly washed at least two times. This removes any dirt or unwanted parts of the olive branch before pressing the olives.


cold-pressing in factory

Olives are crushed by steel blades, gently pressing out the oil. The olive oil drizzles away and is collected and amalgamated.


bottling in factory

the liquid immediately is placed into another machine which fills each bottle of allio. The oil is bottled and sealed almost immediately to keep maximum freshness for the ultimate culinary experience.


the olive oil is now ready to consume! order allio olive oil here!


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