olive oil vs coconut oil

There are many self-proclaimed “superfoods” out there, whether mystical or mythical, only the facts will tell. Today we analyse the battle of the ancient Greek elixir and its hipster competitor.





In terms of chemical composition, olive oil contains “oleuropein”; this compound not only antioxidises stress but reinforces the retention of protein by the body (Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry).

 Coconut oil, on the other hand, contains fatty acids that have been shown help the repair of brain cells and delay signs of ageing on cognition (University of Copenhagen).

 However, through experiments, olive oil has also shown to provide a helping hand in reversing the signs of ageing, especially on the skin. In fact, olive oil can prevent Alzheimer’s disease as well as brain cancer (bencoomber.com).

 Apart of its benefits on cognition, coconut oil may even reduce blood pressure and improve digestion.

 The monounsaturated fat in olives also has cardiovascular benefits and is also said to decrease blood pressure.



 Coconut oil has been praised for its versatility and ease of use; it can help maintain white teeth as well as help prevent hair damage.

 Another hair saver, olive oil treatment on the hair is used with the aim of moisturising hair and the scalp.



 Weight Loss

 Coconut oil has medium-chain fatty acids, which provide fast sources of energy; moreover, it boots the metabolism for weight loss (myprivatediet.com).

 However, simply a drizzle of olive oil is said to aid in weight loss, by increasing satiety as well as balancing blood sugar levels, according to German researchers.




 While coconut oil has a long shelf life, 1 tbsp of it contains 10g of saturated fatty acids – it is basically the equivalent of eating butter. Even more, coconut oil is unjustifiably expensive.

 The health benefits of olive oil are many – however the polyphenols that provide these can be damaged with age and heat.  Make sure to replaced your oil every year and to cook as lower temperatures, or just avoid frying to help the waistline as well. Even better, make sure to add to your salads as well to reap all the benefits.




 Overall, Women’s Health chooses olive oil as the overall winner in the battle of the oils in its September 2017 issue UK edition, and it’s clear why. Invest in the proper stuff once a year every year, to keep your body happy and healthy. Order now here: https://alliooliveoil.com/collections/all/ 


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